Multifunctional Intelligent Plant Growth Light
Multifunctional Intelligent Plant Growth Light

Multifunctional Intelligent Plant Growth Light

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1, intelligent timing, full spectrum mode: plug in the power, the button lights, enter the timing state, the timing is set to 16 hours fill light + 8 hours rest, automatic cycle.

2, planting energy-saving mode: short press the button twice to enter the red and blue pure planting mode.

3, highly automated: you do not need to turn on/off the lights regularly to fill the plants, to avoid the plants can not rest for a long time, or to turn off the lights for a long time.

4, reading light function: reading light has 5 levels of brightness adjustment, adjust to the appropriate brightness, is conducive to protect the eyes. In this mode, the plant growth light function is turned off and the lamp illumination angle can be adjusted 360 degrees.

5. Low water level light alarm and warning tone double reminder function: When the water level in the flower pot is less than the lowest scale, the red indicator light flashes, and a “beep” alarm sound is sounded every 15 minutes, and the alarm prompt is removed after the water is replenished.


Product model: CM01-B (blue window)
Host size: 257mmX111mmX108mm
Power adapter: input AC100-240 output DC16V 1A
Lamp bead power: 8W
White light: 0.5W * 8, Red light: 0.5W * 8, Blue light: 0.5W * 2
White light color temperature: 5500K, red light wavelength: 660NM, blue light wavelength: 460-
Working life: ≥35000 hours Water storage capacity: 1500ml
Certified: ROHS, CE, FCC

Package Content:

1 x Plant Growth Light 

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