Fishy Cat Friend
Fishy Cat Friend
Fishy Cat Friend

Fishy Cat Friend

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The Fishy Cat Friend is here to keep your little kitty company! Watch your little ball of fur play for hours with his new fish friend. Simply turn ON the toy to have it intermediately begin to simulate a real fish upon a light cat touch. Curiosity from the moving fish toy will quickly grab your cats attention each and every time.

Great for the following types of cats:

  • Cats with long lonely hours away from owners
  • Cats who need a friend
  • Cats who need more entertainment
  • Cats who love toys
  • Cats who love distractions
  • Birthday Cats!
  • Happy Cats!

1 x USB cable
1 x Fishy Cat Friend (40cm  15inch)
1 x USB chargeable battery 

Machine Washable when battery is taken out to wash.