Wooden Shoe Stretcher Adjustable Shoe Expander

Wooden Shoe Stretcher Adjustable Shoe Expander

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This wooden shoe stretcher is exactly what you need to break in that new pair of shes! This shoe expander easily slides inside that new pair of shoes that is just a bit too tight for comfort and expands the material. This allows your foot to fit in the shoe perfectly without you having to wear them around until they are "broken in". We all have different feet and fit into shoes differently, which is why this shoe stretcher helps you achieve your custom fit. The pressure relief plugs allows you to stretch very small areas of your shoes to accommodate for bunions, hammer toes and calluses. No more blisters and aches while you adjust to your new pair of shoes. 

Enjoy your pair of shoes without the pain of them being too snug around a certain pair of the foot. 


Product Deatils:

* Package contains ONE shoe stretcher

* Made out of real wood

* Correct/Stretch any part of the shoe for a comfortable fit