The Masa Press
The Masa Press
The Masa Press
The Masa Press
The Masa Press

The Masa Press

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Are you looking for a tool to help you make your favorite dumplings and more in a fraction of the time? Make perfect and uniform dumplings at home anytime with The Masa Press! The Masa Press is a multi-functional cutter and presser all-in-one that you can use to make anything from dumplings to empanads and so much more. The two different size presses help you create small or large dumplings that can be pressed and sealed to perfection. This easy to use tool makes the process so quick and easy that it will quickly be your most used kitchen gadget! 

 The Small Masa Press Is Ideal for: The Large Masa Press Is Ideal for:
 Pizza Pockets  Chicken Pot Pies
 Pierogies  Pastries
 Raviolis  Fruit Pies
 Chicken Turnovers
 Pastry Bites
 Pot Stickers  Mini Calzones

 Making dumplings for the family will no longer be a once in a blue moon event due to the effort needed. Simply stuff, fold and crimp for perfect looking dumplings each and every time. The dumpling stuffing mold features a perfectly round cutter on one side to cut the dough evenly each time, while the other side stuffs and crimps the dumpling to perfection. This handy kitchen gadget also serves as a great way to stuff your pasta for incredible tasting ravioli.