Saturn Lamp Night Light 16 Colors

Saturn Lamp Night Light 16 Colors

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This Saturn Lamp will make the perfect night light to illuminate your hallways, or rooms. This night light can easily be charged via USB and moved around during the night. The battery will last between 8-10 hours so that it can light up the way the entire night. The night light is ideal for your children as its portable wireless design makes it the ideal night light for them to take with them to the bathroom or while moving around in the middle of the night. Take the fear out of walking around the house at night and make it a safer environment for the whole family.

See why parents love these portable Saturn lamp night lights! 

Charging Time: 2-4 hours
Working Time: 8-10 hours (depending on brightness)
Size: 5.90 inch 

Color Changing: 16 color variations

Is Batteries Required: No, USB power source