Digital Spoon Measuring Spoon Digital Measuring Spoon
Digital Spoon Measuring Spoon Digital Measuring Spoon

Digital Spoon Measuring Spoon Digital Measuring Spoon

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This Digital Kitchen Scale Measuring Spoon is the exact little gadget you need in your kitchen. This little spoon is extremely convenient for the active kitchen enthusiast. Its size and portability make it the perfect unique edition to your kitchen tools. Start measuring to the EXACT amount today with our Digital Kitchen Spoon Scale.

  • HIGH PRECISION SCALE: Utilizes high precision sensor system, weighing items as little as 0.1g and as heavy as 500g(17.64oz) Digital spoon scales have 4 weighing units in g/oz/gn/ct,and can be switched at the push of the MODE button, PLEASE NOTE: Place the digital scale on a horizontal flat serface,after removing the battery insulating strip.
  • 3 INTERCHANGEABLE SPOONS: 3-in-1 portioning set includes digital scale with 3 removable spoon scoop sizes(500g/300g/100g), .Weighs both solid & liquid ingredients easily,Perfect for flour, milk powder, butter, cream, edible oil, tea leaf, medicine powder, seasoning; wide application in kitchen, lab, medicine,industry, etc.
  • SLEEK LCD DISPLAY: Easy read digital interface LCD display,auto shut off after 1 minute without operations(default).Low consumption, powered by 2 AAA batteries (Not included).
  • SIMPLE 3 BUTTON OPERATION: Digital food scale has three buttons. TARE function helps to weigh precisely subtracting the container or ingredients of last weighing; MODE function allows you to switch among different units;
  • HOLD function will lock/unlock the weight readout.
  • You won't have to worry about this kitchen scale taking up space. The measuring spoons can be removed and interchangeable from the handle. You can put this portable digital scale anywhere you want. 3 different size of measuring spoons/cups meet all your needs. Just replace the interchangeable measuring spoon to weigh different items.
  • Auto-Off Feature. If you have ever had the batteries in something run out because you forgot to turn it off, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. The scale will automatically turn off after after 1 minute of inactivity, saving battery power and money.
  • Keeping balance ensures your precise measurement;
  • The readings will auto hold when it reaches a stable weight; press the "HOLD" b